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We support the local rescue kennels

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels

Meet Q

[Photograph of Q asleep under a blanket] Hello everyone, I'm Q! Welcome to my cattery. Please take a few minutes to look through our website.

A little bit about me - I'm a Korat and am named after the character "Q" from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I feel that my name suits me well, as like the character Q, I too have superior intellect and often a disdain for the lesser species known as humans. In fact, don't tell Mark and Catherine, but I'm really the one who rules the house.


[Photograph of Q sleeping on his back in his cat bed] I opened my Motel in December 2006 and I welcomed my first guests for the Christmas holidays. You can see some of their photographs in the Guest Gallery section of the website, enjoying their first stay here.

My role here is purely supervisory, befitting my status as a cat, leaving me plenty time for the important things in life - napping, eating and grooming. I have engaged humans to do the hard work, ensuring that my business is run to a very high standard at all times. I do try, however to maintain the "purr-sonal" touch and you may have the privilege of seeing me at the window, overseeing the arrival and departure of my guests.

[Photograph of Q napping in the sun] To show my appreciation for having their humans choose Q's Cat Motel, all my guests will be added to our Guest Gallery if my Dad takes a good picture.

Please enjoy your stay and recommend Q's Cat Motel to your friends.You will see on the left of this screen, I have added a Special Offers page. Be sure to check this out before booking!!!!

See you by the window, or I might be outside in a pen, relaxing with my guests!

I opened a very small shop on the 30th May 2010, I will be selling food, litter and some other items. Please have a quick look around when you sign your paper work. A photo of me opening my shop is on the Tour Q's Cat Motel page, you will see my Dad had to hold the scissors.

Sadly on the 11th January 2011, after a short illness Q passed away. We both miss him so much. We were very lucky to have had 16 years with Q, he changed our lives forever.


[Photograph of Q looking out the window]